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Deltri+ Virucidal Filters

Deltri+ Virucidal Filters

Virucidal air filters for AHUs capable of neutralising viruses and bacteria

Virucidal filters for air handling units (AHUs), capable of neutralising or destroying viruses – including COVID19. Scientifically tested by Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) Proven efficiency with Eurovent Certified Performance A+ energy class rating Contaminated air flowing through DELTRI+ AHU filter to then be decontaminated filtered air

Reliable and energy-efficient performance

Despite the filter’s virucidal functions and being classified ISO16890 ePM1 90%, it also holds a Eurovent Certified Performance A+ energy class rating. This ensures a low-pressure drop and market-leading dust holding capacity with the best possible energy efficiency, meaning operators do not need to worry about significantly increasing energy costs.

Safe and hygienic solution

DELTRI+ can capture and inactivate viruses. Its effectivity is proven in dry and wet environments, open and closed circuits alike. In addition, the filters reduce the risk of transmission and proliferation of viruses and bacteria in the air. For facility managers, the filters enable additional safety when exchanged.

Easy project integration

Given the filter’s proven performance, building owners can quickly improve existing units and indoor air quality with DELTRI+ before opting for more extensive, costly upgrades to their ventilation systems. Compared with other methods utilised for virus prevention, the filters are a straightforward solution that is easy to apply, operate and maintain.