Gas Micro Co-generation


Model No

CP25WE - 25kW, 50Hz, 400v AC


25kW, 50Hz, 400v AC Micro Co-generation system.

Co-generation systems offer higher overall efficiency than typical remote electrical power generation by utilizing the heat energy that is usually lost during the conversion of primary energy into electrical power.

A Yanmar micro cogeneration unit generates electrical power using a gas engine with heat reclamation. Since micro cogeneration units can be installed near to the buildings that are using power from the units, it is easy to utilize the reclaimed heat from the unit. This makes a great contribution to saving energy,reducing power transmission losses, cost reduction and reduced environmental impact (lower CO2 emissions).

Power generation using gaseous fuel, such as natural gas, has a lower impact on the environment compared to many other commonly used fuels. This benefit is further enhanced by the use of a cogeneration system such as the Yanmar micro cogeneration unit.