Gas Heat Pump Chillers


Model No

Yanmar GHP Chiller


Cooling Capacity - 71KW
Heating Capacity - 80KW

Yanmar have been manufacturing Gas Heat Pumps in Japan for over 25 years and have now utilised their world class gas engine technology to produce a new Gas Powered Chiller. The Yanmar Chiller uses a 4 cylinder gas engine driving twin scroll compressors to produce 71kW of Chilled Water in cooling mode and 80kW of Hot Water in heating mode.

  • Low Electrical Load: Using a gas engine to drive the compressors drastically reduces the electrical power required to operate the unit, with 71kW of Chilled Water produced with a running current of only 8 amps, single phase. This low electrical power consumption makes the Yanmar Chiller an ideal solution for sites with limited power supply. The low electrical load also results in a significant reduction in Peak Demand, which can score points under the Green Star system and also provide energy cost savings to customers who pay a Demand Charge.
  • Reduced Emissions: The use of gas rather than coal fired grid power reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions and can therefore score points under the Green Star system and improve the NABERS rating of your project.
  • Capacity Control: The gas engine is able to speed up and slow down as the load on the systems varies thereby improving operational efficiency.
  • Heat Recovery: The system has an optional Heat Recovery module that produces up to 30kW of Hot Water from the engine waste heat when producing chilled water.
  • Low Noise: The Yanmar Chiller has been engineered to operate at exceptionally low levels, with the rating of 62dB(A) making it neighbour friendly.