CZ-CENSC1 Econavi Sensor - All Units


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New Econavi Sensor

The all new Econavi Sensor detects presence in the room, and quietly adapts the PAC or VRF air conditioning system in order to improve comfort and maximise energy savings. The Econavi sensor detects human activity and adjusts temperature by 2 degrees (up or down) to optimize comfort and efficiency.

If there is no activity detected for a set time, the Econavi will stop the unit or move to a new temperature previously set.

The Econavi device is installed independently of the indoor unit, and is located in the area best suited for detection.


Saving Energy for Offices: if the air conditioning is left on after the last employee leaves the office, Econavi will automatically react, reducing or stopping the system.

Increased comfort in hotel rooms: when presence is detected in the room, the temperature is automatically adjusted to achieve best comfort.

Econavi function

  • Analyses room activity: Human activities and human heat
  • Modifies the capacity to adapt in real-time to the needs of the room


Key points
Compatible with Cassette, Ducted and Underceiling in both one to one and VRF applications. Can be installed in the best place in the room for detection purposes. Available November 2014.