CZ-RTC6Z - Zone Controller


Model No



Wall mounted zone controller used in conjunction with CZ-CAPZ1S and CZ-CAPZ1M.

Next generation zone control for your Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioner is here. The CONEX Zone Controller enables you to control your Ducted air conditioning and nanoe™X Air Purification system from your smartphone! It supports up to 8 individual zones for maximum convenience and energy efficiency.

Pair the Zone Controller with the Smart E-Box module either On/Off or Multiple Opening function for even greater flexibility. Configure precise airflow volume for better comfort, or add up to 5 individual temperature sensors* to offer absolute control throughout your entire home.

Zone Controller: CZ-RTC6Z

Smart E-Box (On/Off): CZ-CAPZ1S

Smart E-Box (Multiple): CZ-CAPZ1M

Remote Temperature Sensor: CZ-CSRC3

*1 built-in temperature sensor at ducted indoor unit, 1 built-in temperature sensor at master remote controller, 1 built-in temperature sensor at slave remote controller and 2 remote temperature sensors.

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