15.1kW CO2 Refrigeration Systems


Model No



Cooling Capacity - 15.10KW

Reliable CO2 technology by Panasonic

· Reliable Quality: Made in Japan

· Experience: 10 000 units sold and installed in 3 700 retail operations such a convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan*

· Excellent quality control established by skilled factory team·

Superior cooling capacity at each evaporating temperature CO2 Transcritical Condensing units have a high cooling capacity at each set point. CO2 2-stage compression rotary compressor developed by Panasonic is designed to compress CO2 refrigerant twice; it reduces load in operation by half compared with 1-stage refrigerant compression and delivers better durability and reliability. Units can be set to run at low and medium temperatures with four initial settings. These settings can then be modified by turning a simple and user friendly rotary switch to further enhance energy savings. (200VF5 model only).