CooLinkHub + CoolPlug



CoolPlug is a hardware solution which, along with CooLinkHub, enables the integration of Split, Multi-Split, or Mini-Split HVAC systems with Home Automation, Building Management Systems, and Cloud Control Applications. CoolPlug and CooLinkHub work together to create a universal communication channel which enables split HVACs to work with a wide range of automation systems. CoolPlug provides automation integrators, facilities managers, service providers, and HVAC professionals with the ability to remotely control, monitor, service, and manage compatible Split, Multi-Split, or Mini-Split HVAC systems through the creation of a bi-directional and universal communication channel between the HVAC and automation systems. CoolPlug is a plug & play device. The integration and installation process is simple, seamless, and straight-forward, and can be synced with CooLinkHub via a wired or wireless connection. CoolPlug’s wireless capabilities are ideal for retro-fit projects, as it eliminates the need for drilling or opening up walls and ceilings. CoolPlug provides access to the complete CoolAutomation suite of applications along with compatibility with independently developed applications through a proprietary API.